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Our history

We are a small team of doctors and lawyers who initiated Pharmacenter Ltd. as a pure “green-field” start-up around 2003 selling pharmaceutical products mainly in Hungary in the area of oncology, urology and hospital injectables. Our medical background is in urology, uro-oncology and neurology. We recruited a team and got going. As of today Pharmacenter develops niche generic pharmaceutical products, mainly in oncology for international markets.

Being medical doctors we saw the severe unmet need of rare disease patients and started to discuss with treatment centers, patient organizations and treating physicians to better understand the full picture; we went to orphan drug congresses, events and dug us into rare disease journals, industry publications and reports and studied health technology assessment (HTA) guidelines, scrutinized pricing strategies in CEE to become experts in this field… and we are still learning…

As early as 2004 Pharmacenter started to work operationally with rare disease and niche pharmaceutical products and gathered a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, sometimes learning the hard way from our mistakes and illusions.

Overall we believe we got the balance right. We were partners of TKT-5-S, which later got acquired by Shire for its orphan drug portfolio consisting of Replagal, VPRIV and Elaprase and we built the marketing & sales channels for above products for close to a decade. Today we are in successful partnerships with several rare disease companies and have an ever-growing enthusiasm to work with orphan drugs and niche products.

During the last 15 years we knitted a network of friends, consultants, medical doctors, KOLs, pharmacists, reimbursement specialists and SMEs with a passion for rare diseases across the whole of Eastern Europe. This allows us to cover with our services firstly the so called “Visegrad 4” countries Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and the Baltic region as our key target territory.

We believe that – based on our knowledge and experience - we are uniquely positioned to bring your rare disease and niche pharmaceutical products to patients and treatment centers in Eastern Europe and give you the best market access and sales experience you will ever find around here.

The Pharmacenter Team, Budapest, Hungary 2018

Work with us

  • Expect an in depth, fast feedback for your products
  • Involve us straight from the beginning to generate revenues
  • We like to keep things simple, straightforward and cost efficient
  • Use our one-stop-shop single interface to minimize risk
  • We have a proven track record

Testimonials from industry partners

Market Access and Commercialisation of Orphan Drugs & Niche Pharmaceutical Products in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic Region

Some testimonials we received from our partners

  • TKT-5-S & Shire Human Genetic Therapies

Hans Flodh VMD, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Sr. Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Area Director, Central & Eastern Europe, TKT Europe-5S AB (in 2004) and Shire Human Genetic Therapies AB Area Director Central & Eastern Europe and Middle East (in 2007)

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  • PTC Bio

Mark Rothera, Chief Commercial Officer

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  • Dr. R. Pfleger Pharma Germany

Dr. Jutta Haselmann, Export Coordination

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  • Groupo Tecnimede

Miguel Ruas da Silva, Vice President Groupo Tecnimede

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  • Hospira USA

Michael Kotsanis, President EMEA

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