Pharmacenter Ltd. - Selling Innovative Oncology, Urology, Orphan Drugs in Eastern Europe

Pharmacenter is a leading service oriented pharmaceutical company providing commercialization and market access services for international life science companies with the intent to access Eastern Europe with their innovative oncology, urology products, orphan drugs as well as novel medical devices.

Why partnering with Pharmacenter puts you on the fast track?


The Team

We are a team of medical doctors, pharmacists and lawyers with decades of industrial and clinical experience in German and English speaking countries in various fields of medicine; nearly all our sales representatives have been recruited from multinational pharmaceutical companies and they have excellent, living relationships and well functioning networks with clinicians and KOLs in the CEE region. Pharmacenter is exceptionally close to the clinical and scientific field, because of its unique multinational advisor network made up of active oncologists, urologists and specialists for orphan drugs.

The Eastern European Conundrum

Eastern Europe is not just a “smaller version” of Western Europe, but a much different planet. Due to its unfortunate communist past there have been massive distortions in economical and societal issues, still influencing citizens daily lives. Models including pharmaco-economic ones working in Western countries, can’t be easily adapted and need very careful and cautious adaptions taking into account differing GDP ratios, relatively small middle classes, starkly diverging stake holder expectations, intercultural sensitivities and last but not least a bunch of pretty difficult languages. Countries are small, displaying a panoply of rules, guidelines and unique requirements despite being part of the European Union.