Pharmacenter Ltd. - Selling Innovative Oncology, Urology, Orphan Drugs in Eastern Europe

Market Access

Supportive market access services are key to successful product launches in Eastern Europe. We have all services in-house supported by small teams. Our people have a proven, excellent track record and are very open and accessible to communication with external partners. We have a solid experience in working with regulatory and reimbursement bodies across Eastern Europe.

Our supportive services are made up of:

Regulatory Service

  • registration of pharmaceutical products via National, MRP, DCP registration procedures
  • registration/notification for medical devices
  • notification for OTC products
  • preparation of CTD/eCTD documentations including expert report writing
  • monitoring of ongoing registrations, variation submissions
  • country specific preparation of SMPCs, PILs, packing materials

Reimbursement Service

  • compilation of country specific reimbursement documents
  • pharmaco-economic, GDP adapted sales modeling
  • broad cooperation with local medical and scientific expert colleges

Pharmaco-vigilance Services

  • cost efficient, transparent provision of pharmaco-vigilance services according to EU requirements and standards
  • following latest laws, rules, guidelines impacting the life science industry

Storage & distribution

  • contracted, modern warehouse facilities allowing storage of pharmaceutical products with various temperature requirements according to EU standards