Business development & territorial reach

Business development & territorial reach

What’s your plan for Eastern Europe?

  • Are you looking for an orphan drug market access & sales partner?
  • Are you tired of researching small markets with difficult languages?
  • Are you looking for timely revenue streams without the hassle to set up your own presence?

We are here to help!

A note to the kind visitor and reader!
As a highly specialized team, we are able to make your success our primary focus. We are not the large pharma partner that cycles people through unnecessary introductions, bureaucratic formalities and foregoes developing relationships; we believe that good partnerships breed success for both sides.

This means providing you with a dedicated project manager, the complete transparency that you need, and the flexible approach for those times when your goals change midstream – in a true partner model.

Let us invite you to a great partnership for the CEE region. Our target markets are Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic.

  • Get a free consultation from our management team
  • Receive a free market evaluation report on how your niche products will be doing in our target markets
  • Get access to a 65+ million people market via a single interface
  • Benefit from our unique experience in orphan drug market access
  • You can combine our orphan drug services on a modular basis

What we are looking for?

We are looking to partner with the following type of companies for the Eastern European EU countries Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic Region:

  • Rare or ultra rare disease companies with a single pharmaceutical product or a portfolio of products they want to commercialize with an experienced market access and sales partner. We have a special expertise in oncology, lysosomal storage and muscular diseases.
  • Companies looking for named patient services in the CEE region for niche or rare disease products
  • Companies with niche biosimilar products looking for a commercialisation partner
  • Companies looking for orphan drug and niche product importation into the European Union, orphan drug packaging also under cold chain conditions, EU batch release, product storage and serialization services.
  • Diagnostic companies working in the cancer prevention/early stage diagnostic areas